Movement and Sound with Jane Franklin Dance
February 24, 2018 - 7:30pm

A performance by Jane Franklin Dance in cooperation with Form and Void, visual art show by Ellyn Weiss

A "Gallery Workout" heightens the perception of visual art with movement and sound that leads to a greater understanding of the art itself. Visual artist Ellyn Weiss’s show "Form and Void" includes a large abstract mural (12 ft long) called "Night Comes", printed on Japanese paper with pieces made of tar. The forms began with Ellyn’s consideration of extremophiles, organisms that live in the most hostile environments on earth—extreme heat and cold, toxic materials, radioactivity, without oxygen, etc. Welcome to an exciting exploration of visual art interpreted by the moving body in an overarching connection to environment.

Also on the program, Jane Franklin Dance combines with Forty+ to reminisce and laugh along with the inter-generational Shorthanded, a performance piece that revisits technology pushed away over time: cassette tapes, VHS, paper dolls, IBM 3033, and other blips on the relentless march of cultural change.

Tickets $15