Judith Seligson / A Gap Frame of Mind
April 28, 2016 - June 12, 2016

Opening Reception: May 1, 4 pm, free

Judith Seligson's abstract geometric oil paintings pulsate with tension and color, yet are eerily peaceful. The installation is based on her 20-year GAP project, which integrates quotes from pop culture, literature, and science. "Just as a neurotransmitter fires across a synaptic gap between brain cells, so our minds make sense of things by filling in gaps," says Ms. Seligson. This observation is the foundation of Judith Seligson: A Gap Frame of Mind

Ms. Seligson writes: "The Gap is a vast paradigm of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in art, literature, science, psychology and criticism. It is a focus on the space between things - between fragments in a collage, between atoms or quanta in matter and light, or between fragments of a dream." 

Last month, the Brooklyn-based Art 3 Gallery included Ms. Seligson's work in an exhibition of four contemporary painters using geometric abstraction. The artist considers this genre the core of her art, which also includes graphite text drawings, collages, pigment prints, and pastel realism. A graduate of Harvard/Radcliffe, she has studied with Flora Natapoff, Philip Guston, Leo Manso, and Victor Candell. ­

She has given academic talks about The Gap paradigm at the Fourth International Henry James Society Conference, the American Literature Association Annual Meeting, and the 41th Annual Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture Since 1900. Her articles have been published in The Henry James Review, Judaism: A Quarterly Journal of Jewish Life, and The Radcliffe Quarterly. 

In 2013, The New York Times featured her paintings in a piece about the design collaboration between Ms. Seligson and her husband, noted architect, Allan Greenberg. Ms. Seligson's studio is in Old Town Alexandria, a block and a half from the Athenaeum Gallery. She has been painting and seeing gaps there for the past twenty-seven years. 

Exhibit generously sponsored by TTR | Sotheby's International Realty

Above: Red Sea, Judith Seligson, oil on panel, 20 x 22", 2014, photo: Greg Staley